In stead of the Navetta (4.5 kg), you can also choose for the lighter and cheaper Portenfant (G.Matic Car Ready)(3 kg). This also turns your stroller into a pram. Unlike the Navetta, it has no feet, hood, and carrying handle, but two smaller foldaway handles which neatly join together to fit in your hand. On the stroller, you simply use the stroller's hood. The basis is made of solid material to form a protective shell, just like the Navetta. Both have external levers to modify air circulation through the bottom. Thus both types are comfortable in all seasons. In the Navetta, the backrest can incline to form a semi-sitting position, more or less like in the car seat. The Portenfant doesn't have this possibility. Both the Navetta and the Portenfant have a rocking position, and may thus be used as a comfortable cradle for indoor and outdoor purposes.

The Portenfant on the Pliko stroller
The Portenfant on the Pliko stroller The Portenfant on the Pliko stroller
The sack of the 
Portenfant or de Navetta on the Pliko stroller
Both the Navetta and the Portenfant have a comfortable sack, which can be used also on the stroller when the baby has become a toddler. However, we offer the Navetta standard with the Pliko Completo, which has already a (feet)cover with zipper. So in case of the Navetta, this conversion seems less necessary (it creates a reserve sack for the stroller). Both can be ordered with a 'car kit', to serve as car traveling cradle for the long journeys. Of course you also might use the car seat, which might offer more safety in collisions. Sometimes however, parents choose to transport little babies lying down horizontally.


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